Fishing Charters in Chigasaki
We offer a fun and exciting salt-water fishing experiences on our boats.
We are happy to assist to plan your trip. First, have a look at the information below and contact us for further information.


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Seating reservation           site

FTrip shcedule for public charters    
*Public Charter=Noriai=with other customers 
 Spots Available  × Not Available   Undecided             
Departure schedule

 Steps to the boats  
1 Stop in front of our shop to unload coolers. Our shop is Okiemonmaru 沖右ヱ門丸
※A statue of wooden captain is a sign of our shop. 
2 Move your car to the parking near the beach.
*Pls make sure to take a parking ticket from the machine in the parking to the reception when you check in.
3 Walk back to the shop for reception.  
4 Make a payment for boat fee Credit card or Cash
5 Rent gears at the small desk near the restroom Cash Only
6 Buy rigs and baits at the counter next to the reception desk. Cash Only
7 Get a block of ice for free (100yen each from the second one) to keep fish fresh.  
8 Load your coolers to the truck waiting in front of the shop.  
9 Walk down to the harbour and find a right boat you are getting on.  Its written on a ticket received from the reception.
10 Load your cooler, gears and belongings to the boat.  
11 Set up equipments and get ready for the departure.   
12 Enjoy fishing!! Pls do not park your car in front of the shop after fishing as it gets busy but only when yo uload your belongings.

To book a Private Charter boat
Private Charter=Shitate/Kashikiri=Only your group
We take reservations for private charters
from 8 people during the weekdays and from 12 people on weekends.
Required number of participants can be changed due to booking situations also in high/low seasons.
Please contact us first for availability and price.
Contact us at chiyo8701@gmail.com (English available)

Cancellation Policy
Due to the availability and fairness to other customers,,,

for Public Charter(Noriai)
all cancellations must be made at latast 2 days prior to your scheduled trip.

for Private Charters(Shitate)

all cancellations must be made at latest 8 days prior to your scheduled trip.

Otherwise 100% of the boat fee will be charged.
Even the policy above, we do appeciate if you keep your reservation:)

Tax included
We take credit card payment only for boat fee but rentals, baits, hooks.
Information for rental and discount is listed below.

Please show up 1 hour before the departure time of each boat
Target Fish Price as of August 2022  Season  Departure Time Approximate Come-back Time Availability of Rental Gears
 11500yen Year-round   6:30am 1:45pm   ✔
11000yen Year-round  7:00am 2:00pm  ✔
Light Tackle fishing
Target a few seasonal fish
 11000yen Year-round  6:30am 1:45pm
11000yen Spring   6:30am  2:00pm  ✔
11000yen   Autumn to Winter  6:00am 1:30pm   ✔
 Summer   6:00am  2:30pm
depending on a fishing point
No rental casting gears available for big tuna fishing

 10500yen    6:00am 2:00pm  ✔
10500yen   Winter  7:00am 2:00pm   ✔
11500yen Summer  6:00am  2:00pm  Make sure to bring your lures as we don't sell at the shop.
 Japanese Whiting
 8500yen Spring to Summer  6:30am   2:00pm  

from the boat fee
Discount gets lower with a payment of credit card
Internet Discount
*show this page at the reception
500JPY per person
Group with 3 adults or more 1000JPY per person
Kids under 15 years old 4000JPY per child
Women 3000JPY per person
No dicscout will be applied on Private Charters

Item Rental Fee  Deposit  Notes
Non-electric gears  500yen each    
Electric gears 2000yen each   *Electric gears for Fukaba Gomoku is limilted.
Pls contact us first for the availability
Gears for Tuna fishing
3000yen each     
 Gears for Tuna fishing
8000yen each    
Bait basket 500yen 1500yen Pls make sure to return the item to the reception
we will pay you back the deposit. 
Bait basket for Tuna fishing 1000yen 2000yen Pls make sure to return the item to the reception
we will pay you back the deposit.
Rod Holder
*with other rental gears
Free 2000yen Pls make sure to return the item to the reception
we will pay you back the deposit. 
Rod Holder Only 500yen 2500yen Pls make sure to return the item to the reception
we will pay you back the deposit
Life-vest 200yen    
Casting rod for
Mahi-Mahi/ Skipjacks
 *for a break or a lost of gears, the actual cost will be charged.

Location & Contact
Shop Address 4 Chome, Nango 23-20, Chigasaki, Kanagawa
Telphone 0467-82-5443 (Japanese Only)
Email chiyo8701@gmail.com (English Available)

◆What should we bring?
We suggest that customers bring drinks, food, snacks, sunscreen, fishing clothes, boat shoes, towels, sunglasses and coolers with ice.
◆What time should we show up?
1 hour prior to the departure time of each boat. You can check above at the price list.
◆Can we bring in our own gears and rigs?
Yes, you can. However, our fishing style is mainly chumming baits, and we may ask you to buy or rent a right one at our shop if it's not appropriated. Our captains always think best for everyone on the boat.
◆Can we take young kids?
Yes, you can. Limited to Tuna fishing we are afraid to say no for kids under 12 years old.
Please undertand that safety comes first.
◆Do you clean fish for us?
Yes, we clean only big fish.
The price will differ size to size starting from 500yen each.
◆Do we get to choose what kind of fish we target?
We have 5-7 boats to target different fish season to season. So you will get to choose from the trip schedule above.
You can also request tartget like Mahi-mahi that are not listed above when you book a private charter.
◆Is the price of the charter for each person or for a group?
It is the price for per person. The price for private charters go by the number of participants with required the minimum participants from 8 to 15 depending on low to high season, weekdays to weekends.