Fishing shop in Chigasaki

We offer a fun and exciting salt-water fishing experience on our boats in Chigasaki.
Please have a look at the information below and feel free to contact us for more information.

Shop opens at 5am from May to October/ 5:20am from Dece,ber to April

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Boat Fee
Boat fee includes chums only

Target Fish Boat fee per person Season   Departure Time Approximate Come-back Time Availability of Rental Gears
10000yen Year-round    6:30am 1:45pm   ✔
9500yen Year-round  7:00am 2:00pm   ✔
Light Tackle fishing
Target a few seasonal fish
9500yen Year-round  6:30am 1:45pm
9500yen Spring   6:30am  2:00pm  ✔
9500yen   Autumn to Winter  6:00am 1:30pm   ✔
11500yen  Summer   6:00am  2:30pm
depending on a fishing point
9500yen  Winter to Spring  6:30am  2:00pm  ✔
9000yen  Winter  7:00am 2:00pm   ✔
 10000yen Summer  6:00am  2:00pm 
Please take your own gears and lures
 Japanese Whiting
 7500yen Summer  6:30am   2:00pm  

As for booking a private chartered boat( only for your group),
we go by a number of participants; from 8 people during week days, from 12 people at least on weekends and national holidays

Discount Info
※Not-valid for Private chartered boats
Internet Discount
*show this page at the reception
500JPY per person
Group with over 3 adults 1000JPY per person
Kids under 15 years old 4000JPY per child
Women 3000JPY per person

Rental Gears
※For a break or a lost of gears, the actual cost will be charged
Item Rental Price   
Non-electric gears  500yen each  
Electric gears 2000yen each  
Gears for Tuna fishing
3000eyn each   
Bait Basket deposite for 2000yen  Pls make sure to return to the reception
to receive the deposite
Rod Holder  deposite 2000yen   Pls make sure to return to the reception
to receive the deposite

Shop Address
4-23-20 Nango, Chigasaki
Shop Phone Number 0467-82-5443

Email chiyo8701@gmail.com